Emoji weekend

This is going to be weekend jam-packed!!!…….With nothing.Anyway this week I.Going to play some 🎮 and talk to my friends on my 📱 watch some 🎥 eat some 🇮🇹,then I’m going to 📴and go 🚲ing maybe I will find a new trail or something.Its been ❄️⛅️but no ☔️ 😕 play some ♠️♥️♣️♦️➕🎰,eat some🍦and sleep (I couldn’t find an emoji for sleep).Welp!Tomorrows the last blog!See you then!

last post

welp….this is it.the entire month of march,it was fun to do this and I really enjoyed the experience.Today was really fun I went on a walk in the woods with my cousin,Jana and grandmother,were we saw the biggest rabbit ever,not bunny,rabbit (yes,theres a difference).It was a western cottontail and what happenend was I noticed it under a rotting log, hiding,so I called over Jana and said, “hey look at this rabbit” and it dashed off.Speaking of rabbits,contrary to popular belief rabbits inhabit the desert,I know that last part kinda got wedged in there but I have just been informed that me and my family are going to the desert,but I don`t know which one.I would say see you next time,but Im pretty sure that this is my last post (or I may post tomorrow) so……Good Riddance.

2 posts left

Right now I’m not in San Diego I’m visiting my family in LA its really fun! We go play basketball, go to the mall, or just hang out at the house. I am really trying to finish up this u so I can hang out I`m really missing out…Anyway…have you heard of the new taco bell waffle taco? My cousin Kumar would probably rob a bank for one!

I have lots of cousins theres India, Sameina, Sania ,Satira, Taj , Kumar ,Jana, and Pria well yhis is a short post but I got to go.BYE!!


You konw I tinhk it’s peerty fnnuy taht you can raed tihs whit all the ltteres sracbmeled.It has smoetihng to do wtih how you poress ifornmaiton it deosn’t mttaer waht odrer the wrods are in,all taht matetrs is taht all the ltters are terhe and the fisrst and lsat ltters are in the crrocet palce.see you nxet tmie¡


Uhhhh I hate IXL,this glitchy,crashing,boring,and worst of all……time consuming.I absolutely hate it when this website decides that it doesn’t feel like working,so it’s gonna freeze and crash!

You know….Creator of IXL,I understand the glitches and stuff I get,BUT!That is no excuse for the flaws in the system!If anyone that worked/is working for IXL,tell them their #3 major flaws.#1 less problems,harder problems.This one is self explanatory but just in case you don’t know,You know when was the last time you had to do 20 problems in a row…oh thats right!never.#2 make it more engaging,make me look forward to IXL,rather than hate it.#3 this one ties into #2,however….this problem is very important and needs to be addressed as soon as possible,DONT PUNISH PEOPLE FOR BEING GOOD AT MATH!How come when I get problems right each problem I get after that is worth less points?If I get problems right I clearly need less practice than someone getting them wrong after another,they get hand-holded to the very end!Please fix these issues thank you and good night.

No-break blues

Uhh my brother got to go LA becouse he’s on break,It’s not fair!He there right now (probably sleeping) while I slave away at school,blogging,writing,looking at the clock like a dog looking through a window.my spring break is in April,APRIL!!!I always thought that spring break was a sign of spring starting,not being half-way over!Uhhh……well..got to go do some work..you know…cause I’m in school.

1 million-dollar man

You know,my freind asked me this and its really interesting to see what people say.The question is what would you do with 1 million dollars?

First things first I buy a couple of stocks,then I would buy a beach and make it my private beach backyard to a beachside resort home complete with 5 private chefs,4 housemaids,3 gardeners,2 go-fors,and a monkey butler.If you didn’t already read the last part of the last sentence in a 12 days of christmas voice,go do that now.And there’s one more thing that makes my million dollar spending spree complete is a $300 deluxe wireless headset $400 ps4,$5 bag of Cheetos,some friends, and a movie theater screen.


I try to save money,but the only time that happens is when I forget about it gets washed in the laundry and I discover it 2 years later.Anyway I am going the last of us DLC,for those of you that are non-gamers 1.Become a gamer(seriously,get five dollar steam sale or something) and 2.DLC stands for DownLoadableContent.

In other words its a add-on to a game that you buy for a bargin.Man I am a junkie when it comes to video games,soooo,yeah.Woo,wee it`s been quite a while so now i`m going to download the game right……now.


You know if there is one thing I dont like it’s IXL,this time consuming,boring,glitchy,trainwreck that dares call itself education!Its just so time consuming!Thats why I’m writing this and not IXL.I hope I don’t get sued for saying this stuff…Actually,no if the maker of IXL is reading this 1.don’t punish people for being good at math.If I have mastered something,don’t give me more problems.2.instead of a bunch of easy problems,just give us

Fast Cash

I have been trying to find ways to make money and I’m sorta stuck.My mom will give me $20 for ironing all her clothes,which takes 2 and a half hours,but I’m looking for something out of the family.

It’s kind hard to do any work with my schedule:I wake up at 6:OO start driving at 7:OO,get picked up at 4:OO,get home at 5:OO, and go to sleep at 9:OO.Anyway if you have any suggestions comment below,let me know.